Concealed Carrier Kills Attempted Robber In Florida

Around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night, two armed robbers attempted to mug three people in Plantation Park, located in a Ft. Lauderdale suburb. Before pulling a gun on the three people, the two robbers attempted to make conservation with the victims.


When one of the robbers pulled a gun on the victims, one member of the group pulled out his own firearm in self-defense. The robber was fatally shot by the concealed carrier. The second robber fled the scene.

“I was in the kitchen of my house when I heard four shots total,” said a neighbor who heard the shots ring out. “The first one sounded like a fire cracker, and the last three definitely sounded like gunshots.”

“I heard five gunshots, three, then a couple seconds in between and then two more,” said Chet Rockwood, another neighbor.

The concealed carrier stayed on scene until police arrived and has been cooperating with law enforcement officials.

According to police, the concealed carrier was licensed and permitted to carry a firearm. At this time, the name of the deceased has not been released. Police are waiting until family members are notified.

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