Fox 32 Chicago

Chicago boasts some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. It is also known as one of the most violent cities in America.

Instead of admitting the failure of Chicago’s gun control laws and admitting that there is a major violent subculture problem in the Windy City, however, Democrats are attempting to claim that their gun control laws are failing because gun controls in surrounding states are less strict.

I’d like for these gun control-supporting Democrats to rationally explain how the actions captured in this security camera video are an example of a gun control law, and not a culture problem.

Video has surfaced on YouTube that shows a man in the Pilsen neighborhood opening fire on a passing car. The shooter then realizes that the people in the passing car are his friends.

The gunman yells out, “Aw man, my bad dawg!”

We’re looking at an example of a culture so casually violent that they feel justified in using deadly force not just to settle disputes, but because they didn’t recognize a vehicle driving down their streets, or because of a Facebook argument over a boy.

No gun law is capable of solving the problem of a hyper-violent, predatory subculture so slavishly devoted to carnage.

Until Democrats are capable of admitting that nature of the problem, they’ll never change things. The number of people killed and wounded in shootings in Chicago is going to continue to go up, as Democrats blame guns for a a very real cultural problem.