Hollywood's Latest Gun Control Ploy

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


Hollywood Liberals are at it again, making gun owners across the nation look like the evil bad guys in the gun control debate. Their latest ploy? The movie “Miss Sloane” follows Elizabeth Sloane, one of the most respected lobbyists in Washington, D.C., to go “behind-the-scenes” of the deal-making process that occurs on Capitol Hill. Sloan was approached by pro-gun groups to oppose a gun control measure. Instead, Sloan ends up working for a small boutique firm that wants gun control.

“Usually in film, when you see a female lead character who’s championing something, it’s something that has to do with being female,” Jessica Chastain, who plays Elizabeth Sloane, tells Bustle. “It’s inherently a female movie, a female issue… I was really excited to see a successful female [Miss Sloane] working in politics that was championing an issue that wasn’t gender specific.”

Don’t question the directors on their political agenda. They’ll claim they made this movie in the name of “education” and what really goes on during the lobbying process.

But who better to portray an anti-gunner than a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter? Jessica Chastain has been vocal about her support for Secretary Clinton, despite all that has come out about her.

But remember…the left will tell you they aren’t using their position of power – movies and music – to influence the American electorate.