TV Host Rebukes Claims that the NRA is “Anti-Immigration”

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube


The liberal media has no shame when it comes to blaming NRA members for every problem our society has. The Trace just wrote an absurd piece saying the NRA is an “anti-immigration group.” Apparently wanting to arm yourself against terrorists makes you “anti-immigrant.”

…LaPierre set down the framework that gun-rights groups have used to stir anti-immigrant fears into their populist brew: In a scary world, Americans need to arm themselves. And as much as possible, anyone who’s not already an American should be kept out.

Today, that once radical ideology is now being rolled out as the policy of the United States government under President Donald Trump. But before he put his pen to executive orders for erecting a wall at the nation’s southern border and banning Syrian refugees and temporarily halting all immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries, the NRA and its leaders spent a decade and a half using speeches, op-eds and its in-house media organization to tell the story of a country just one newcomer away from its next murder or major terrorist attack.

Grant Stinchfield, a conservative talk radio host and host of “Stinchfield” on NRATV, took the time to remind gun control advocates what the NRA is all about.

“The NRA supports freedom and the rule of law as an avenue to ensure freedom. What NRA members are against is illegal immigration. That’s a big distinction,” Stinchfield explains. “We are even more strongly against rapists, murderers, robbers, and yes, terrorists.”