VIDEO: Comedian Explains the Gun Control Advocate's Thought Process

Stand-up comedian Jackie Mason has become the voice of reason in an age where common sense is far from common. In a video for Breitbart News, Mason explains gun control advocate’s thought process and why they are so quick to disarm the average, law-abiding citizen.


“Every place we have gun control, crime goes up immediately,” Mason explains. “You’ve got to be nuts to believe that gun control saves lives.”

Mason also points out the hypocrisy behind legislators who make speeches about the need for gun control.

“When you see mayors or governors all over the country making speeches about gun control and how disgusting it is that so many people have guns and we should put a stop to it because it’s a distraction…but they’re standing there making that speech with bodyguards. What do you think these bodyguards are carrying? Cheesecake? They got guns,” Mason explains. “So a gun is there to protect him but he doesn’t care if you live or die.”

Watch the full video of Jackie Mason explaining gun control:


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