OpEd Tells LBGT Community How to Stand Up Against "Gun Violence"

Can anyone explain why gun control advocates are so quick to push minorities into believing they’ll be a victim of “gun violence?”

Liberal media outlet The Advocate recently published a “commentary” piece on why the LGBT community should be in favor of gun control.


The article read, in part:

Everything that has happened since Pulse has only served as a reminder that LGBTQ people must fight for their safety against the epidemic of gun violence, just as hard as they have fought for equality.

In other words, if you’re a member of the LGBT community, you should place your safety in other people’s hands instead of your own. You should sit back and allow yourself to be a victim instead of standing up and fighting for your life. Maybe if you hope for peace, it’ll just magically fall into your lap.

When the FBI released its annual report on hate crimes last fall, it reported a disturbing surge in bias-motivated crimes targeting transgender people. The four-fold increase reported by the FBI is likely only the tip of the iceberg, given that hate-crime reporting is not mandatory and too many local agencies don’t report any data on bias crimes.

Isn’t THIS proof enough that members of the gay community should be armed? LGBT are being targeted. You know it and I know it. Instead of trying to sing kumbaya and act like the world is a safe place, why not get real and face the facts?


LGBT communities are being targeted.

The way to stop it isn’t to fight for gun control. Criminals will always get their hands on a firearm if they want to commit a crime. I know, it’s a shocking notion that criminals don’t follow gun laws.

Instead of telling members of your community to back down and hope for change, you should be encouraging them to utilize their Second Amendment rights. You should be encouraging them to take a gun safety course and learn how to properly load and shoot a firearm. After all, a firearm can be an equalizer in an uneven fight.

The gun lobby’s vision is one with even more guns — and for starters, that means getting rid of gun-free zones, even if that means allowing firearms in schools and churches and bars…

The NRA doesn’t care that states with higher rates of gun ownership also face higher rates of gun violence, because confronting that fact might cut into firearm sales.

No one is advocating for “more guns.” The NRA – or the “gun lobby” as ya’ll like to call them – advocates for the protection of the Second Amendment, something gun control advocates, like yourself, are quick to destroy. Maybe you should double check your research. Since 1950, only about one percent of mass shootings have occurred outside of a gun-free zone. Might want to rethink advocating for gun-free zones.


Bet you also didn’t know that research proves that the increase in concealed carriers has actually driven crime down. But then again, that goes against everything you stand for.

Before going and openly advocating for a group of minorities to take on gun control as their next legislative issue, it’d be important for you to make sure your research is solid. Advocating for policies that can and will harm people isn’t just sad, it’s irresponsible.

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