Burglar Stopped In His Tracks by a Woman With a .32

On Thursday evening, Kim Sinnott and her twin sister Tamie Lesher, arrived at their parents home in Bloomington, Ohio, where the planned on celebrating their father’s 75th birthday. What the two sisters didn’t plan on happening? A tussle between Sinnott and a would-be burglar.


At approximately 1:30a.m. Friday morning, the alarm went off in the parents’ home. Sinnott and Lesher saw a light on in the garage and a person walking around.

The twins’ mother handed Sinnott her father’s gun and Lesher grabbed a pipe. The two walked out to the detached garage, both armed with a weapon.

“I told him that I had a gun. I was standing there looking at him with the gun pointing at him,” Sinnott told Pantagraph. “I told him a hundred times not to come out because I had a gun and that I would shoot and that we were waiting for the cops, that we had the cops on the line right now.”

The intruder, 21-year-old Mykale Davis, opened the garage door and tackled Sinnott.

“Anything could have happened by just the way he lunged at me, and I had the gun in his face and told him not to come out because I would shoot,” Sinnott recalls. “He probably thought I wouldn’t shoot.”

That’s when Sinnott used her father’s handgun to defend herself.

“When he grabbed me and pulled me down I was fearing for my life,” said Sinnott. “I shot him just for him to let me go. I don’t know if it was in the leg or in the foot. I was scared to death.”


The suspect was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He has since been charged with one count of burglary and one count of battery.

While Sinnott was not injured during the incident, she remains shook up.

Police continue to investigate the crime. The state is also looking into whether or not the gun was registered. At this time, First Assistant State’s Attorney Adam Ghrist doesn’t anticipate pressing charges against Sinnott.

According to Bloomington police public information officer Elias Mendiola, only three incidents like this have taken place in the last decade.

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