WATCH: Comedy Central Exploits NRA Convention For 'Gun Special'

Comedy Central is home to comedy…and gun control advocates. There’s Amy Schumer and Trevor Noah. Now there’s a new gun control-loving idiot in town: Jordan Klepper.


Klepper has a special coming out next month called “Jordan Klepper Solves Guns.” During the special, Klepper claims to talk to gun owners about wanting “common sense gun laws,” you know, the magical term for gun control.

“Over the course of this special, I selflessly let people on all sides of the gun debate be interviewed by me, and I was consistently surprised by how much common ground they shared,” said Klepper in the press release announcing the show. “This special isn’t just about America’s relationship with guns – it’s about how needlessly toxic the debate around that issue has become. Also, doing my part to bring the country together, I show my ass on television.”

According to reports, the special with have documentary elements intertwined with comedy and journalism. Basically, it’s one giant smorgasbord.


Although Klepper says it’s a fair report, it’s really not. It’s his way of trying to do what people like Schumer and Noah and done in the past: using their celebrity status to push the gun control agenda. His stance is rather evident in the special’s trailer.

Klepper flocked to the NRA’s 2017 Convention in Atlanta. He tried disguising himself as a gun owner who was interested in learning more about his fellow gun lovers….until he starts asking ridiculously worded questions.

Take a look for yourself:


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