WATCH: Progressive Rapper Explains Why he is a Gun Owner, NRA Member

Comedy Central doesn’t shy away from making headlines for saying or doing something for the sake of controversy.

Host Moshe Kashner has made a point to talk about guns and gun ownership on his show. During one segment, he talks about the “liberal case for guns,” in which rapper Killer Mike, MTV’s Ana Marie Cox and actor Kumail Nanjiani join the conversation.


Rapper Killer Mike is an outspoken gun advocate and his reasoning makes perfect sense.

“I don’t know how you can justify being a member of the NRA,” Kasher told the rapper.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Killer Mike retorted. “I believe that anything a bunch of old rich white men are a part of that I can be, I want.”

“’re a Bernie guy. You’re a progressive. How can you justify that?” Kasher asked.

“Human beings are complex, and in matters of politics, you go with the stronger lobbying group for the things that you f*cking want,” Killer Mike responded. “I don’t want white people to come take my guns one day, therefore, I gotta hang out with these crazy a** nut job white people.”

But wouldn’t that make him a crazy a** nut job, too?

In any case, Cox interjected and said she, like most Americans, own guns and favor gun control. According to her, you can be a gun owner and want gun control. (Although I’d think that’s kind of a contradictory statement.)


Killer Mike disagreed and explained what gun advocates always say: police officers are awesome and we respect them, but when it takes minutes for them to respond, you have a greater likelihood of protecting yourself with a firearm than waiting for them to arrive.

“I believe that I, as a private citizen of the United States, should be able to own any gun,” Killer Mike retorted.

Watch the full clip:


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