WATCH: Audiologist Explains Benefits of Gun Suppressors

The issue of hearing protection has been the topic of debate, especially with the introduction of the Hearing Protection Act. Gun control advocates are quick to say suppressors are used primarily in crimes. They have been watching far too many mobster movies because that is the furthest thing from the truth.


SilencerCo has a new campaign out, called SuppressED. The idea is to educate people on suppressors and the long-term benefits they provide to hunters, sporting shoot competitors, and even the average, everyday gun enthusiast.

“I treat hearing loss and I see the ill-effects of hearing loss every day with my patients,” audiologist Steven Wade says in the video.“Once somebody is exposed to loud sounds and they have damaged their hearing — whether it be gunshots or other types of loud impulse sounds — that cochlear becomes damaged and it’s irreversible damage.”

Currently, the Hearing Protection Act has 141 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives and 16 co-sponsors on a similar bill in the Senate. Gun enthusiasts are optimistic about the bill’s passage in both houses.

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