WATCH: Will Britain And America Ever Have Similar Gun Laws?

After the terror attack in London, the question of handgun use in England – and the United Kingdom – have come into question. Should police officers carry firearms? As it currently stands, police officers rarely carry handguns and civilians are prohibited from owning and possessing a firearm.


National Rifle Association (NRA) Spokesperson Dana Loesch joined Fox Business host Stuart Varney on Varney and Co. to explain her take on the problem.

“We’re facing a situation where British police will probably never have guns on a large scale. Is that true?” Varney asked Loesch.

“I was absolutely shocked to learn that around 90 percent of that police force in London are unarmed. The community police force,” Loesch explains. “That to me is shocking because the first person who encountered and who engaged with the terrorist there in London during the recent atrocity was a police officer and he was armed with only his baton.”

Loesch goes on to detail the London police officer’s response and how he was overpowered by the terrorists.

Varney points out one very interesting fact though: the difference between British culture and American culture.


“I’m an American citizen. Newly minted. I firmly believe in the right to bear arms. Got it. I’m all over it. I’m on it. However, Britain has a different culture, a different history and I don’t think you’ll ever see widespread ownership of guns in Britain. At least not in my lifetime.”

Watch the full dialogue here:

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