Indiana Rep. Comes Under Fire For Defending A Woman's Right to Carry

Indiana State Representative Jim Lucas has come under fire for defending a woman’s right to carry a firearm. Anti-gunners in the Hoosier State are making Lucas look like a monster because *GASP* he believes everyone has a right to defend his or herself how they see fit. Gee. What a concept, right?


The backlash came after Lucas wrote the Indiana Star and asked them to write a story about women taking steps to reduce the likelihood of becoming a rape victim. Anti-gunners immediately tried to put words in Lucas’ mouth by implying he’s okay with rape culture.

This is what Lucas sent to the media:

I don’t understand why there’s a problem with what he said. If a woman decides that the best way to protect herself and her family is by carrying a firearm, we should encourage her to do so in a safe manner. We should encourage her to take classes, to get familiar with her gun of choice and to practice with her firearm.

Why does our society automatically assume that women should be left helpless, defenseless even?

I’ve been the victim of rape. I constantly wonder if that night would have done a complete 180 if I had the ability to carry a firearm (I was 18 at the time).

I wish that society would stop telling young women, like myself, to make sure that we’re covered up, that we aren’t leading men on and that we’re doing everything in our power to keep from being victims, except for owning a firearm to defend ourselves.


Even though Lucas received flak from anti-gunners, he’s received praise – both privately and publically – from women who appreciate him taking a stand for their Second Amendment rights.

And this isn’t the first time Lucas has defended a woman’s right to carry.

Thank you, Mr. Lucas, for allowing women to decide if and how a woman should defend herself. I sincerely hope your counterparts will sit down, shut up and take note of what women really want (and yes, it comes in multiple calibers).

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