Megyn Kelly Pulled From Gun Control Gala Over Controversial Interview

Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit gun violence prevention organization started by parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, were planning to have Megyn Kelly host their annual gala fundraiser. The fundraiser was set to take place on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.


The group decided to cancel Kelly’s appearance over her anticipated interview with Info Wars’ Alex Jones. The interview will focus on “controversies and conspiracies,” including September 11th being an “inside job.” The interview will also touch on Jones’ belief that “parents faked their own children’s’ death.”

Jones has previously called the Sandy Hook Massacre a “government hoax.”

“Sandy Hook Promise cannot support the decision by Megyn or NBC to give any form of voice or platform to Alex Jones and have asked Megyn Kelly to step down as our Promise Champion Gala host,” Nicole Hockley, co-founder and managing director, told the Los Angeles Times. “It is our hope that Megyn and NBC reconsider and not broadcast this interview.”

Kelly took to Twitter to issue a statement regarding the situation:


Other organizations, such as JP Morgan & Co., have pulled advertising from NBC until after Jones’ interview airs.

Liz Cole, Megyn Kelly’s executive producer, asked people to hold their judgments until they see the full show.

“Judge it when you see it. Megyn does a strong interview. We’re not just giving him a platform,” Cole told Townhall.

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