Celebrities Unite Over Gun Control Music Album

A number of celebrities have come together for a gun control album, known as “Guns: The Album.” The goal of the album is to “spark a conversation” about guns.

“The project is neither pro-gun or anti-gun; rather, it’s intention is to expose the many sides to this contentious epidemic,” Billboard says.

The album will feature:

  • Eric McCormack (Will & Grace)
  • Tony nominee Terrence Mann (Les Miserables, Sense 8)
  • Oscar nominee Tess Harper (Breaking Bad)
  • Frances Fisher (Titanic)
  • Mykal Kilgore (The Wiz)
  • Jonathan Lipnicki (Stewart Little)
  • Jack Laufer (Madmen)
  • Ivan Hernandez (Devious Maids)
  • Joanna Jones (Hairspray Live!)

Here’s the official trailer for the album:

If this album isn’t anti-gun, then why did the album’s creators release the official trailer on June 2nd, also known as National Gun Violence Awareness Day? Why would the album’s promoters use the hashtag #StopTheViolence?

Not to mention the fact that one of gun control’s most outspoken advocates, George Takei, is promoting the album?

At least if you’re going to take on the “issue” of guns, can you please admit what side you’re on? Admit that you’re against legal, law-abiding gun owners. At least if you’re going to try to have a supposed conversation around the gun debate, admit where you’re coming from before you take a seat at the table.