Florida Rep. Calls For Armed Lawmakers

After last week’s attack on Congressional leaders, politicians across the nation are wondering whether or not they should have armed security to protect them or if they should carry a firearm.

During a forum with constituents, Florida state Rep. Dan Raulerson (R) said he believes every elected official should be armed.

“Each one of those congressmen should be carrying a weapon,” Raulerson said during a public forum. “We all should be carrying a weapon.”

According to the Tampa Bay Timesthe reactions from politicians was more than partisan. Democrats were quick to call for gun control, saying tighter gun laws would have prevented the shooting. Real shocking, right?

“We have to stop letting guns fall into the hands of mentally ill people,” said Rep. Wengay Newton (D).

“We need common sense gun legislation, more strict background checks,” said state Sen. Darryl Rouson (D).

Republicans, on the other hand, said more people should carry firearms. And it definitely makes sense.

“We do need to do a better job of keeping guns out of the hands of people who have mental disability,” Rep. Shawn Harrison (R)

State Sen. Tom Lee (R), however, disagreed with Harrison. “We’re not seeing shootings by people with lawfully obtained concealed weapons permits,” he explained.