FFLs File Class Action Lawsuit Against Payment Processors

Paypal, Square and Stripe, all payment processors, have found themselves in a class-action lawsuit. Blair Gladwin, the owner of Gladwin Guns and Ammo in Merced, California, filed the lawsuit against the payment processing companies for denying firearms-related businesses from utilizing their services.

In order to establish accounts with the payment processors, Gladwin and other firearms dealers were having to reveal the nature of their business. The payment processors would then deny their request because they deal with firearms.

According to Gladwin, their denial to service his firearms business is a violation of California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act. 

“The very large non-bank defendants in these cases are allowing their private sense of political correctness to extend so far as to ban even persons who hold valid federal firearms licenses from accepting Electronic Funds Transfers, all in defiance of the Second Amendment to the federal Constitution and the California Unruh Civil Rights Act of 1978,” Gladwin’s attorney, William McGrane, told The Daily Caller. “The net effect of what they are doing is making the legitimate business of selling firearms operate as a cash business only, all in a misguided effort to effectively ban the sale of firearms and related products from the marketplace.”

A number of other FFLs have joined Gladwin’s class-action lawsuit. All of them have either been denied the start of an account or had their account terminated because they sell firearms.