Gun Control Group Targets Dana Loesch on Social Media...And Fails Miserably

Things are never dull in the gun control universe, especially when they’re looking for something to complain about. The Brady Campaign seemed to have missed the memo: Dana Loesch came out with an ad for the NRA called “The Violence of Lies,” which dropped two months ago. They decided to pick today, of all days, to pat themselves on the back, as if the ad was just released.


The funniest part of this whole thing? The footage used in the ad is actual footage and what Loesch says is 100% true. The left uses the media and violence to spread their message, including their desire for gun control.

People on both sides of the gun debate weighed in on the Brady Campaign’s response.


You’re clearly uninformed. Dana has been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment way before Hillary even ran. And she was hired before the election was over so…try again?

Jen, think again. There are average folks, like me, who believe in utilizing our Constitutional rights to protect ourselves. If wanting what was granted to me in the Constitution makes me an extremist then so be it.

Probably because breaking windows, starting fires and beating on cops is violent.


Dana herself decided to go on Periscope and explain the situation. The BEST part? She points out that the ad isn’t new and that liberals are getting upset over their own actions. Kind of ironic, right?

Here’s the full, unedited ad:

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