Range Closed Over Bullets Flying Into Nearby Freeway

In April, the New Hampshire State Police launched an investigation after bullets were found flying into cars on Route 101, near Epping. The initial report came from Kristen Burke, who said a round hit her car while driving along the highway.


“I pulled over to shake the glass out it was kind of scary,” Burke told WMUR 9. “I thought this must have been a huge rock. I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any glass on any of my kids but there wasn’t.”

According to investigators, the bullet must have come from Sig Sauer Academy, which has a nearby gun range. Detectives eventually learned that the bullet that hit Burke’s car wasn’t fired at the range at the time but other rounds were, in fact, hitting Route 101.

On Monday, the Sig Sauer Academy closed the range until a proper round retention system was installed.

Sig Sauer Academy released the following statement:

The Sig Sauer Academy is fully operational and running regularly scheduled classes and events. The Sig Sauer Academy would like to thank the New Hampshire State Police for their professionalism and the thoroughness of their investigation.

In April, the Sig Sauer Academy voluntarily suspended normal use of the ranges adjacent to Route 101. Since then, a structure has been designed that will provide additional safety measures and is currently under construction.

The Academy took to Facebook to reassure customers that all regularly scheduled classes and events would continue as planned.

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