This story definitely adds a new meaning to “bad timing”.  According to the Columbus Dispatch, the suspect reportedly approached a man with a deposit bag who was walking out of a bank.

During the altercation, an off-duty officer, who was on vacation and cashing a check, over heard the commotion and went outside to investigate along with a special duty officer (who also happened to be inside).

When the officers heard word that the suspect might be armed and dangerous, they proceeded to pull their guns on the suspect.  When the suspect attempted to run, the off-duty officer shot him.

The suspect was struck in the leg and was taken to a nearby Hospital.

“The bad guy just picked the wrong bank today,” said Sgt. Rich Weiner, a police spokesman, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Police were investigating whether the suspect is connected to four similar bank robberies in the past few weeks. In all four, customers were robbed of deposit bags outside the banks’ doors.

“We had a series of robberies in the general area involving people bringing their deposits to the bank, and before they get inside, they’ve been robbed,” Weiner said. “The description of the suspect that we have in custody, it’s the same description from the previous robberies.”