Maybe it’s just me, but when the risks of your job are getting shot and going to jail, I think I’d look for another line of work.

Two people were reportedly burglarizing a home in the 40200 block of East Campbell Road about 4 p.m. Thursday when they were confronted by a relative of the homeowner, according to the sheriff’s office. As the intruders were leaving in a vehicle, they attempted to strike the relative with the vehicle and he shot towards them.

The female involved in the crime was captured at a local hospital after being treated for a gunshot wound, so obviously the armed family member did more than shoot “towards,” them, he managed to make a hit.

In general, it isn’t legal to shoot at someone in a vehicle attempting to leave the scene of a property crime, but if the forensics support the shooters claim that the vehicle was coming towards him, then expect this to be ruled a justifiable self-defense shooting, as a car is most certainly a lethal weapon.

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