He had a long rap sheet and had a warrant out for repeated parole violations when he picked the wrong house to rob:

By Monday evening, all that remained from the deadly drama on the small front porch was a subtle smear where the blood had been wiped away.

Just before midnight Sunday, 33-year-old Ricardo M. Hood was shot to death on that concrete porch in the 300 block of Melita Street. His death marks the 35th homicide in Allen County this year.

The quiet street, barely more than a block long, is nearly void of houses and is made up most obviously by what appears to be an electric utility substation. The train tracks and an unkempt wooded area make up the north side of the street.

According to police, it appeared Hood was trying to burglarize one of the homes when the homeowner armed himself and shot him. Hood’s death marks the second instance in the past six months a Fort Wayne resident fatally shot someone in self-defense.

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