Alcoa police are investigating after a jewelry store owner shot an alleged robber.

Police say two men tried to rob Malone’s Jewelers, 332 Gill Street, around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The store owner, who is in a wheelchair, shot one of the men. He then held the other man hostage until police arrived at the scene.

“He did a really good job detaining both individuals until we got there,” said Det. Kris Sanders with the Alcoa Police Department.

Alcoa police say it took them less than a minute to arrive at the store.

“One of the suspects entered the store and distracted the store owner. The other suspect entered moments later, concealed himself with a mask or a hood. He goes across into the back room, retrieves the money and comes out,” said Sanders, describing what happened just before the store owner fired a shot with his handgun.

Hostage?” I think someone needs to handle this Tennessee reporter a thesaurus. Otherwise, this looks like a classic case of self defense. Nice shooting, Ironside.