I do love a story with a happy ending. Well, one that ends happily for the homeowner at the expense of the criminals:

The couple reportedly said two men came into their home while they were asleep near Olive and 95th avenues. Their 5-year-old child was also asleep at the time.

The two suspects were a 23-year-old man and 19-year-old man known to the couple since they have hung out a few times before, Jacinto said.

The suspects were armed with guns and assaulted the victims while demanding items from the home, according to Jacinto.

At some point, the male victim grabbed a gun from one of the suspects and reportedly shot him in the leg. The two suspects then left the home and drove away with a 26-year-old woman, Jacinto said.

The three were later found by Phoenix police after they called 911 to report the 23-year-old suspect’s gunshot wound.

The homeowner is extremely fortunate that he did not get shot while struggling with the home invaders for control of a weapon. As a matter of practice, I’d advise readers to own and train with their own firearms. Attempts to disarm one of several attackers armed with firearms typically ends up much worse than this situation did.