State troopers arrested two men said to be carrying antique pistols outside the Texas Capitol on Saturday during a demonstration by a gun-rights group that also helped spearhead a rally of openly armed supporters last week at the Alamo.

The two men were arrested for criminal trespass and have refused to identify themselves to authorities, Department of Public Safety spokesman Tom Vinger said.

“The men were openly carrying suspected deadly weapons and were given the opportunity to leave the area, but refused,” Vinger wrote in an email. He said no other information about the arrest was available.

Open Carry Texas President Christopher Grisham—yes, the same man who is a solider facing re-trial for what appears to be “contempt of cop in Temple, TX—was at the scene, but was not one of those arrested.

Someone more familiar with Texas law than I will have to explain whether these charges of criminal trespass will stick when the case makes it to court.