Several of you have passed along stories in recent days about the bizarre murder case being brought against US Air Force Tech Sgt. Matt Pinkerton, but it wasn’t until I saw the description of events posted in Bullets First that I realized just how outrageous the charges were:

Matt and Jessica [Pinkerton] were entertaining another couple one of whom was Matt’s brother Mike.  [Kendall] Green showed up shortly before 2am demanding to see Jessica.  Matt refused to let him in and closed the door on him then turned to return to his wife and guests.  It was at that time that Green kicked in the front door and stormed into the house.

Matt, who had retrieved his Glock 17 when he first heard someone outside (not unreasonable when he wasn’t expecting anyone at 2 in the morning) still had it on him when Green busted in the front door and came at him.  Matt fired once from 10 to 15 feet away and when Green continued toward him fired again.

This is a textbook example of Castle Doctine, where a homeowner has the right to treat anyone forcing their way into a home is to be considered a deadly threat.

Assistant State’s Attorney Glen Neubauer asserts that after Green kicked in the door and was charging Pinkerton from just 10 feet away, Pinkerton should have called 911… presumably after hitting Green with the freeze ray from Despicable Me.

I don’t know who Glen Neubauer is, but one thing is painfully obvious: he shouldn’t be a prosecuting attorney in Maryland, or anywhere else.