Colorado Senate recall targets Angela Giron and John Morse were the first gun control politicians to suffer the “Bloomberg curse” this year, and they were thrown out of office in a stunning manner.

Their losses were so bad—and so directly tired to the “support” of gun prohibitionist group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG)—that Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper all but banned them from the state when the recall campaign against “iPad Evie” Hudak began.

One of my favorite Gunsite graduates, Katie Pavlich of our sister-site, crunched the numbers.

Nearly two-dozen members of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns lost reelection earlier this week, delivering another blow to the anti-gun group that has been losing members at a rapid pace for more than year.

Follow the link on over to see which mayors lost big in your state and to see how many mayors were term-limited, or retired, including Bloomberg himself.

Here in North Carolina, Jackie Holcomb of Morrisville and Robbie Perkins of Greensboro were defeated.

Good riddance to them all.