“Many of the people here are very upset about the gun control laws that passed in the legislature this year, and so we’re going to give away a weapon that was going to be banned,” said Dudley Brown, CEO of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

That weapon is an AR-15. Volunteers who give eight hours of their time working to recall Hudak will be entered in a drawing to win one.

Sounds like a nice incentive.

If enough signatures are collected to recall Hudak, the Colorado Democratic Party (CDP) is expected to pressure her into resigning, so that they can appoint her successor and avoid an actual recall election. If enough signatures are collected and Hudak refuses to resign and then loses her recall election, then Democrats will loose control of the State Senate. The safe bet is that Hudak will use CDP fears of losing the senate to  extort negotiate very favorable exit terms.

Quite frankly, garnering enough signatures to force a recall is a victory, and a warning to the state’s Democratic Party, which has already seen State Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron thrown out of office for supporting anti-gun laws. If Hudak is forced to step down or is defeated in a recall election, that’s simply icing on the cake.