We reported Swampscott, MA Selectman Barry Greenfield’s thought that you needed your home raided periodically to make sure that you are complying with the state’s draconian gun laws.

After giving the issue some thought, Swampscott Town Counsel has decided that they’d rather not have a riot on their hands.

“At the November 6th, 2013 Board of Selectmen’s meeting, it was requested by Selectman Vice-Chairman Barry Greenfield, through the Board of Selectmen, to Town Counsel that he review the enforceability of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140, Section 131L regarding the storage of firearms in homes within a locked container, by mechanical lock or safety device based on the concern of children accessing them.  Upon review by Town Counsel, the Town would need to obtain either the homeowner’s consent or have a valid search warrant based on probable cause.  The Town will not take any further action regarding this law and further reconfirms their support for the laws of our Commonwealth and the rights under the United States Constitution.”