Gypsy Watts was an ex-con with a string of armed robberies in his past, and it was probably only a matter of time before he seriously injured or killed someone. His crime-filled life ended abruptly when he invaded the home of Charlie Carson, who shot him in legally justified self-defense.

Now Watts’s moronic friends are threatening Carlson for defending himself, and the Pine County Sheriff is having none of it.

One suspect is behind bars and several others are being investigated for making terroristic threats against the homeowner who shot and killed a man who had invaded his home in Sandstone last week.

Authorities say 75-year-old Charlie Carlson is now the target of death threats by acquaintances of 23-year-old Gypsy Watts, who was killed during an alleged burglary of Carlson’s home.

The Pine County Sheriff’s Office says the threats have come over Facebook and social media.
They say that they are aggressively pursuing any threats towards Carlson.

I’d put this out there to Watt’s friends, who were dumb/nice enough to create a virtual police line-up of a Facebook tribute page to the dead criminal.

I’d offer these folks some free life advice: if you find yourself defending an ex-con home invader, killed during the commission of a crime, you might want to re-examine your own life before it comes to a similar, sudden, and not-all-that-tragic end.