It’s generally viewed as a little impolite to try to run over law enforcement officers with your vehicle, and an Anderson County (South Carolina) Sheriff’s deputy responded to that breach of etiquette with some well-aimed gunfire:

Deputies are investigating a deputy-involved shooting, according to Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper.

Skipper said two deputies were checking on a truck they found Thursday afternoon on Archie Street as part of an investigation into stolen four-wheelers in the area.

He said during the investigation the deputies were sent to another call.

Skipper said one of the deputies returned to Archie Street and started to approach a black car parked to speak to two people in it.

He said the deputy heard someone say, “Go, go, go.” The driver of the black car then put it in reverse and backed up toward the deputy.

Skipper said the deputy fired one shot hitting the driver, later identified as 27-year-old Billy Joe Crane. He was transported to Greenville Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Skipper said Crane will be charged once he is released from the hospital.

It also turns out that the passenger in the vehicle was wanted on outstanding warrants, and that the car itself was stolen.

At the end of the day, the deputy recovered one (lightly damaged) stolen vehicle and put two criminals behind bars for the cost of a single duty round. I’d say that’s a good use of taxpayer’s dollars.