The reporters in this story can’t seem to get their story correct from the video to print—it was an armed robbery, not a carjacking—but no matter how you slice, the buyer pulled a Biden:

A Henrico man fired his shotgun into the air Friday, defending himself from would-be carjackers, according to police.

Police say the man met the two suspects when he went to the Staples Mill Townhomes complex along the 4100 block of Townhouse Road to look at a car he was interested in buying.

Callan Hisle is a resident in the area, and he is surprised by the violence occurring in what is normally a quiet area.

“That’s outrageous to be happening in Henrico,” Hisle said. ”This is a pretty…I mean there’s a lot of kids around here. There’s a lot of kids around here.”

The victim told police that when he met the seller he was with another man, who both told him to wait while someone brought the car for sale around. The two suspects then showed the victim a gun and robbed him of his money and car keys.

During the robbery, the man told police he pulled a shotgun out of his car and fired a warning shot into the air.

Saying he defended himself with the shotgun seems like a stretch. If you watch the video, it seems clear that the buyer didn’t pull his weapon and shoot until the armed robbers were running away.

He could very easily face charges for firing in such a circumstance where he life was no longer in danger and his gunfire was gratuitous.

Calling this a “defensive gun use” is really stretching the boundaries of the term, don’t you think?