A man denied entrance into a gentleman’s club in Portland, Oregon returned with a weapon and opened fire on a bouncer and the clientele. A bouncer who is a military veteran with a concealed carry permit pulled his own weapon and put the thug down:

Police on Sunday afternoon said they believe the gunman went in and started shooting, hitting the three victims. As he was on his way out, somebody at the bar shot him. Police are not identifying that person because they have not been charged with a crime.

A DJ who works at the club and witnessed the shooting told KATU it was another bouncer who shot the suspect.

“I know that he’s a military vet, does have a concealed weapons permit, and took matters into his own hands to save everyone else,” Ian Boynton said. “As far as we’re concerned, he’s a hero.”

The unidentified concealed carry permit holder is not facing charges, and is, of course, being ignored by the national media for being yet another “good guy with a gun” who stopped yet another bad guy with a gun.