Does anyone happen to have a running count of how many of Michael Bloomberg’s group of “illegal mayors” have been sentenced to prison, and of those, how many have been sentenced to violent crime?

Whatever the figure happens to be, you can now add a big, fat, and disturbing plus one:

A former mayor and member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns was sentenced Monday to 10 to 20 months in jail for intimidation with a firearm. Five years of probation, 50 hours of community service and $1,300 in fines and costs were tacked onto his sentence for the February incident.

Former Marcus Hook, Pa., Mayor James Schiliro had requested that a city police cruiser deliver former neighbor and love interest Nicholas Dorsamto to his home, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The mayor gave the 20-year-old alcohol, then refused to allow him to leave, firing a gun into a stack of papers. Schiliro eventually turned the gun on himself and threatened suicide, The Inquirer reported.

Shockingly this isn’t national news, and we aren’t going to be deluged with op-eds pontificating on whether MAIG members are the problem; the Inquirer story didn’t mention it at all.

It’s funny, how the mainstream media chooses to conceal details like that, isn’t it?