Jim Forsyth of San Antonio’s WOAI is my kind of reporter. His description of the reception give to four home invaders is the kind of lambasting that criminals so richly deserve:

Police say a man inside the apartment heard the noise and looked outside. He saw the people trying to break in and yelled at them to leave or he would shoot.

The four wanna-be home invaders apparently thought he was joking. But the joke was on them.

The man pulled a shotgun, pointed it out the window and fired once.

A 23 year old man was hit in the face by the shotgun blast, and at that point the other three cowards apparently decided their fun was over for the evening.

The three shoved their wounded accomplice into a Cadillac and drove to Methodist Metropolitan Hospital in the 1300 block of McCullough where they attempted to dump the wounded man out onto the street and then drive away.

But police arrived and arrested the three as they tried to make a getaway which was as inept as their crime.

The apartment resident was taken in for questioning, but I’d be very surprised if charges were filed against him for what appears to be a very clear-cut case of a man defending his dwelling against home invaders.

The four home invaders are all facing charges… providing, of course, that the criminal who collected shotgun pellets with his face survives.