A lot of people have said that they are boycotting the Super Bowl because the National Football League suppressed this commercial from Daniel Defense. I’m not going to be among them.

You see, I can’t boycott something I already largely ignore.

I can’t put my finger on precisely when, but the National Football League stopped being relevant in my life many years ago. I got tired of the cheating, the off-field criminality, and the generalized expression of profanity that professional football had become. The sport I enjoyed playing—badly—in high school was no longer something I could enjoy watching on the professional level. It had become ugly and irredeemable.

I’d much rather be playing with my kids, or reading a good book, at the shooting range, or in the woods.

If the kids can’t find something on Netflix that they want to watch tonight I might watch some of tonight’s game, but it’s low on my list of priorities, just like it has been for years.

The NFL’s decision to ban the Daniel Defense ad merely confirmed that I wasn’t missing anything worth watching.