MAC shoots some new titanium-body suppressors from Huntertown Arms:

Huntertown Arms gave us an exclusive first look at their new affordably priced Titanium suppressors named the Cameleon. These are due to hit the market in April of this year (2014) and will be available in .308 and 5.56mm. Like all Huntertown Arms suppressors, they are user serviceable and come with a lifetime warranty.

While I personally think that the entire National Firearms Act of 1934 is unconstitutional and should be scrapped, if we have to do it incrementally I think that suppressors can and should be the first item moved off the list, treated at the gun store like a regular firearm. Suppressors—gun mufflers or even “environmental noise control devices” if you like—cut down noise and muzzle blast, increase accuracy, and aid in teaching, communication, and safety.

What’s not to like?

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