Dim-witted California State Senator Kevin de Leόn (D-Los Angeles) is pushing a bill that requires BB, pellet and airsoft guns to be painted bright colors to “save lives” when airsoft guns are misidentified by police as real guns.

Tell me what good that law would have done here, Senator.

A 62-year-old woman fatally shot by police this week at a city apartment complex threatened officers with a replica handgun before she was killed, police said Thursday.

The woman, whose name is being withheld by this newspaper due to the sensitivity of the case, also left a suicide note in her home, police added.

“We recovered a handwritten note from her home indicating she wanted to end her life over some family problems,” Sgt. Mark Ormsby said Thursday.

Firearms regularly come in any one of a half-dozen colors, and customer demand is making variety even more popular. Requiring toy guns to come in any color doesn’t address the “people problem” of individuals determined to use fake guns to commit real crimes.