sootch00 had his home broken into several weeks ago, and had a gun stolen during the process of the burglary that he now realizes could have been very easily used against him as he apparently interrupted the crime in progress. He also realized that the shotgun he kept loaded behind the door to stop home invaders could have just as easily delivered a load of buckshot into his chest as he walked into the house, unaware at that moment that a crime had taken place.

It was sobering, and no doubt shocking.

It has given him a bit of perspective on what he needs to do better to defend his family, which is something he is sharing with us so that we can all learn from and apply to our own lives.

Early on in the video, sootch00 also explains the damage done to him by a falling AR-15 upper.

An assault rifle,” indeed.

Make sure you stay with this one until the end for some excellent commentary, and if you look really close during the training montage midway through, you’ll see “Military Mike” who was also a military training consultant for National Geographic’s Doomsday Castle.

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