is a left-wing “social change” tool, used by Marxists, socialists, and other progressives to manufacture digital petitions to undermine the rights of Americans by appealing to the “public good” and “public safety.”

One of the more recent anti-Constitutional petition on the site targets Ashland, Oregon’s city council, and comes from “Citizens for a Safe Ashland,” who demands more local gun control:

Oregon state law allows city governments to take action to curb gun violence by passing limited gun control ordinances. Many cities in Oregon, including Salem, Portland, Astoria, Tigard, Newport, Beaverton, Independence and Oregon City, already have local laws that prohibit openly carrying loaded guns in public places. Portland and Multnomah County each have an additional gun control ordinance that makes it a crime to endanger a child by allowing the child unauthorized access to a firearm. These very modest limits on firearms increase police departments’ ability to ensure public safety, decrease public alarm, and decrease the risk of gun violence in Oregon communities. Surprisingly, Ashland is not included among the Oregon cities with local gun control laws.

Citizens of Ashland are now coming together in the hopes of adding Ashland to the list of cities with sensible limits on firearms. We ask the City Council to adopt two laws based on the existing laws in other cities. Gun owners and non-gun owners alike can stand behind these common-sense safety measures!

“Citizens for a Safe Ashland” want their city council to copy the other hastily written, poorly though-out citizen control laws proposed by some of the other local towns, with little to no debate, in a knee-jerk fashion.

An Ashland resident, obviously of English origin, satirizes the demand perfectly.

After all, who really needs kitchen knives, chainsaws, or power tools, if an empty and useless gesture to “public safety” is what the citizens of Ashland demand?