This is not a new speech—it is over a year old—but Korean immigrant Henson Ong’s speech in defense of the Second Amendment is eloquent, factual… and hated by the citizen control cultists in Connecticut. The anti-gun socialists in the state ignored him on their way to passing their blatantly unconstitutional “assault weapon” ban.

It was never about “public safety,” anyway. It was always about government seeking control over the citizenry.

Citizens have responded with blatant non-compliance. An estimated 90-percent of citizens have refused to register then arms, and 98% or more of their standard capacity magazines.

American’s have a right—and I would argue a duty—to be armed with firearms, ammunition, and accouterments of contemporary military utility, regardless of any blatantly unconstitutional laws and court decisions that run explicitly counter both the letter and the spirit of the Second Amendment.

As Ong notes, the Second Amendment is our “doomsday provision.” It is our fail-safe against tyranny, and it must never be surrendered.

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