If technology companies can’t tech that is 100% reliable, how are gun companies supposed to do it?

In just four minutes, TWANGnBANG destroys the arguments of citizen control cultists that want to impose “smart” gun technology on the citizenry.

* * *

I’m willing to go one step further, and make an additional claim: that demanding that “smart” gun technology be mandated to the exclusion of existing, proven firearms technology are racist.

Oh yeah, I’m playing that card.

As TWANGnBANG alludes to, the only “smart” gun system currently on the market is a gun that requires being within ten inches of a special watch to work.

The gun in question, the Aramtix iP1, is a 10-shot .22LR semi-automatic that consistently fails in realistic scenarios, and yet still costs $1,399.

But it doesn’t work even then.

You still have to spend an additional $399 on the watch that transmits the signal to unlock the gun (some of the time).

If they successfully force through laws mandating that citizens can only purchase these $1,800 systems, then who is going to be disenfranchised? It’s going to affect the poorest members of society, living in high crime-rate neighborhoods, and that disproportionately affects African-Americans and Latinos.

Apparently, anti-gun Democrats haven’t changed all that much since the 1800s. They’ve just found something slightly more subtle than “black codes” that will have the same effect.