Badges? He don’t need no stinking badges… or a shirt, or pants or shoes, apparently.

Gilliland said the officer, a six-year veteran with the Houston Police Department, was alone in the house and asleep upstairs when the sound of breaking glass woke him. Grabbing his gun, he went downstairs and confronted three men who had broken a window to get into his house. One of the men carried a handgun.

Gilliland said the officer fired two shots at one of the burglars, who fled from the home with his accomplices. The officer, wearing only his boxer shorts, chased them.

Outside, Gilliland said, the armed attacker pointed the pistol at the officer, who opened fire again. In all, the officer fired six or seven shots.

The attackers continued to run, but the armed man had been wounded, Gilliland said. The officer, whose name has not been released, caught him as he tried to climb over a fence at the complex. The man struggled against the officer but was subdued and taken into custody. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died.

A Fox news affiliate notes that the suspect was struck just once, in the hip. I’m assuming that he was at an angle to the officer, and that the officer’s bullet destroyed vital organs and/or hit major blood vessels.


Officers brought in dogs to hunt down the two other home invaders, but they evaded arrest for the time being. If investigators are able to track down the two criminals through their associations with the deceased suspect, they could presumably be charged with his death.