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At 10:30 PM on the night of February 28, eastern North Carolina hunter Jett Webb bagged a massive 7′ long, 500+ lbs wild boar:

One shot is all it took to turn one local man into a hunting celebrity.

It all began when Jett Webb went night hunting in Bertie County on February 28.

Webb says he was sitting up in a tree when he saw what looked like a large, adult boar. He fired one, very well placed shot of his .308 caliber AR-15 rifle.

WITN sat down with the 34-year-old hunter on Tuesday.

Webb recalls, “Heart, lung, yep. That’s kind of what we try to go for. Clean kill, dropped him, stoned him right in his tracks.”

Members of the hunt club had been attempting to take the 8-9 year old hog for a number of years, and had picked him up on game cameras numerous times before.

Most news accounts claim that the hog is 500 lbs, but North Carolina Sportsman notes that the hog was likely far larger:

Michael Mansell, president of the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club, said he weighed well over 500 pounds.

“He pegged the maximum weight capacity of the certified scales with his head and shoulders still on the skinning shed floor,” Mansell said. “It was a true beast!”

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Wild boar/feral hogs are the same species (Sus scrofa) and are economically devastating. While they had been given game animal designation in North Carolina in 1979, they were reclassified as a non-game destructive species in 2011, enabling year-round harvesting, day or night.

Webb harvested the hog with an AR-10 (not AR-15, as incorrectly noted at WITN) chambered in .308, inside 100 yards while hunting from an elevated stand. He intended to make sausage out of the hog’s meat, which should feed his family for most of a year.

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This is Webb’s second massive hog. The head of one almost this big already resides on his wall as a trophy.