We’ve been monitoring the situation between Ares Armor and the gun-hating government of National City, and now it seems that a different bunch of government thugs wants to take a swing at the veteran-owned gun parts business.

ATF agents raided EP Armory last week, using the prevarication/excuse that they were making sure that the company wasn’t illegally manufacturing firearms.

The apparent real reason for the ATF raid, however, was EP Armory’s customer list, which they also confiscated.

The 80-percent AR lower receivers manufactured by EP Armory and other manufacturers are not firearms.  It ticks off the government that these parts can be purchased and built into functioning, perfectly legal firearms without a paper trail.

The raid on EP Armory was nothing more than the thinnest excuse to confiscate the company’s customer list. This is going to be used for de facto gun owner registration list.

Ares Armor sells some EP Armory products, and after being tipped off that an ATF raid was imminent, they successfully filed an injunction to stop the ATF dead in its tracks:

Last week the BATFE Raided EP Armory based on a determination letter that had deemed the 80% Polymer product to be a firearm.  The determination letter that the BATFE used to obtain warrants against EP Armory is based on incorrect information about the manufacturing process.  The BATFE has been notified of their error and the incorrectness of their determination based on this error.

This week on Monday, March 10th the BATFE threatened to raid us even though they are fully aware that their determination letter is factually incorrect. They requested that we turn over a list of every customer that had purchased a polymer lower from us and turn over the remaining inventory that we have.

Our customer’s privacy is of the utmost importance to us. I cannot in good moral conscience turn over a list of names to the BATFE just because they unduly threaten us with an unjust raid based on information they KNOW TO BE FALSE!

For the time we are SAFE! We were granted a Temporary Restraining Order against the BATFE on March 11th.

The ATF’s clear target in both instances are the customer lists.

As American citizens, it should trouble us greatly that the ATF is building lists of gun owners, especially in the current toxic political environment with the Executive branch of the federal government so opening hostile to the Second Amendment.

I’d advise manufacturers to find legal ways to protect their customer lists just as Ares Armor has done. An honest and honorable government doesn’t make lists of citizens for future operational targeting.
Karras’s declaration used to get the temporary restraining order is on the next page, and is well worth reading.

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