Like many southern states, North Carolina has a “Yankee problem.”

People who have spent their lives voting to screw up the Northeast find that they can no longer stand the Hell they’ve created, and flee south. When they do, they insist on bringing with them the voting patterns and attitudes that screwed up their home states in the first place.

In central North Carolina we’ve been very clever, and have lured most of them to a single Containment Area for Relocated Yankees, or “CARY,” for short.

One sub-community in Cary designed to attract older Yankees like Gypsy Moths to a trap is the Carolina Preserve at Amberly. Like the good little busybodies they are, the little neighborhood fascists drawn there have an Home Owners Association (HOA) dedicated to creating petty tyrannies to make it feel “more like home.”

The latest target for the HOA Nazis of Carolina Preserve at Amberly is someone who dared post an effective home security sign in her front yard.

The homeowners association in a Cary neighborhood has threatened to fine a woman who posted a graphic sign outside her home to scare off would-be burglars.

The sign reads “Nothing Inside is Worth Dying For” and shows the outline of a man used for target shooting that had been shot twice in the head and five times in the chest.

“What is a security sign supposed to do? It’s supposed to deter crime,” Laurie Cherico said Wednesday.

Cherico moved to the Carolina Preserve at Amberly development in November and posted the sign more than a month ago, saying making sure her grandchildren feel safe is important to her.

“Anything to deter crime, why would somebody be against that?” she asked.

Apparently, the homeowners association for Carolina Preserve, which recently notified her by letter that the sign might violate the community’s design guidelines.

dying for

I rather like it, as I suspect most of our readers here at Bearing Arms do as well. Some of the other transplants in the neighborhood, however, are pitching a fit.

Cherico says she’s going to fight to keep her sign.

If she doesn’t beat the anti-gun bullies, I hope she hangs it in tree in her yard.

It may be a technicality, but I don’t think they have a HOA rule on wind chimes.