We recently heard a bitter assertion that Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is such a strong supporter of the state’s blatantly unconstitutional “assault weapons” ban because he wants to lessen the risk of his son getting killed by a law-abiding citizen armed with an AR-15 the next time he tries to rob someone at gunpoint:

Initially, the man told police he was the victim of an armed home invasion, but police said they quickly realized it was a drug buy turned robbery.

Police believe Malloy and two other men had arranged to buy drugs from the victim, but instead of handing over cash, they pulled out guns and told the victim to hand over the drugs. When the victim refused, Malloy and his two friends took off, police said.

Darien Police obtained search warrants for Mayor Malloy’s Stamford house and three other homes.

“We did find some evidence of marijuana, narcotics and in the home in Darien where the complaint did originate from, and we recovered one of the weapons that was displayed during the attempted home robbery”, said Lt. Ron Bussell of the Darien Police Department.

Ben Malloy turned himself in to Darien police and was charged with criminal attempt at first degree robbery and conspiracy to commit first degree robbery.

Ben Malloy received no jail time, despite pleading guilty to the two felonies in 2009.

That assertion seems unfair.

To his credit, the younger Malloy seems to have remained “clean” for the past five years, and has just five more years of probation. We hope that he continues to get the mental help that he needs, so that he doesn’t against resort to crime to self-medicate with illegal drugs.

We strongly doubt that Dannel Malloy signed the state’s blatantly unconstitutional “assault weapons” ban into law because he was primarily concerned that his son might run into someone better armed if he should once again return to a life of violent crime. In all likelihood, the Governor probably didn’t once think about his son Ben as he signed into law a bill passed in response to the actions of another mentally ill young man with guns.

Dannel Malloy didn’t sign Connecticut’s soc-called “assault weapon” ban out of concern for his son, or for the children who died at Sandy Hook. Dannel Malloy signed the law because as a big-government statist, he saw another opportunity to undermine the Second Amendment.

In the end, it really is that simple.