TrackingPoint has always held itself to be a technology integrator who just happened to start out using their technology on firearms, so it isn’t all that surprising that they’ve become one of the first to adopt the online-only crypto-currency, Bitcoin:

The man behind the company’s decision to accept Bitcoin for guns is Oren Schauble, TrackingPoint’s chief marketing officer. He said that many of their customers are tech savvy, successful entrepreneurs from conservative states, and that he had received so many requests to accept Bitcoin that he just couldn’t ignore them any longer.

I don’t profess to know enough about bitcoins (the currency) or Bitcoin (the technology) to know if it has a viable long term future (even experts seem to be all over the place). I’ll also freely admit that I simply don’t get the point of using an encrypted currency to purchase a firearm from a gun company that is going to have to ship the firearm to Federal Firearms License holder to do a NICS background check before transfer anyway if anonymity is the draw to using the technology.

Perhaps it is simply another way to harness the “cool-kid” factor that wealthy early-adopts enjoy.

To each his own.