We wrote last month about a 39-year-old maintenance man being held in a Milwaukee Jail after shooting and killing a pair of thugs who attacked him because he dared to change the locks on the apartment that was formerly the home of an evicted friend.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney says now that the maintenance man, who had valid a concealed carry permit, will not face charges.

A maintenance worker who shot and killed two teenagers during a fight on the city’s north side last month will not be charged, according to the Milwaukee County District Attorney.

39-year-old Jeremy Rossetto was jailed while police investigated the case, and later released.

Police say the two teenagers got into an argument that led to a fight with the man, who was beaten with a bat. Rossetto then shot the two teens, killing them both.


Among the evidence in the case that helped prove Rossetto acted in self-defense was video taken by a friend of the two dead thugs, who apparently thought it would be fun to videotape the assault with a deadly weapon.