A Eugene, Oregon man ruined a burglary when he came to the door armed with a revolver, and likely ruined the relationship between the criminals, as one thug took off in their getaway vehicle, leaving his partner behind:

Eugene police officers went to the 3700 block of Marcella Drive after the incident was reported at 2:12 a.m.

A man told officers that he had awoken a short time earlier, looked out his window and noticed a van parked with its headlights on, police said.

The man grabbed a .357 revolver and walked into his entryway, then saw his front door open, police said.

Two men reportedly stepped inside the house, but turned and ran after the home’s resident pointed the gun at them, police said.

One of the intruders got back into the van and drove away, leaving behind his partner, police said.

The home’s resident chased the second burglar but did not catch him, police said.

This is an example of a typical gun defense, where the mere display of a firearm ends a criminal act. Guns are used in armed self defense somewhere between 500,000-3 million times a year in armed self defense.