bear spray

Is it too much to hope that the Spokane Valley homeowner in this incident has internal and external security cameras? I only ask, because it I’d love to synch them up, speed them up a bit, and set all the action to Yakety Sax.

It takes a special kind of stupid to attempt to rob the same house several times over the course of a few days, but rather obviously, Raynee D. Moore and his two teen-aged accomplices are that kind of stupid:

The homeowners saw the motion lights come on around 1:50 a.m. and heard sounds in the garage. They stepped out and emptied the can of bear spray into the garage. The burglars broke out a window and ran from the garage. However, one of them, a 17-year-old boy armed with a machete, was confronted in the front yard by one of the residents, armed with a shotgun.

The resident said he yelled at the suspect twice to stop, but the teenager moved toward him. The resident then fired his shotgun toward the fence as a warning, the release said. The boy immediately dropped the weapon and backpack he was carrying and laid down on the ground.

Deputies arrived to find the boy bound with zip ties, the release said. An air pistol was recovered from the scene. The teenager was arrested and booked into Spokane County Jail on burglary charges. On Tuesday night, investigators found and arrested a second suspect in the burglary, Raynee D. Moore, 19. Moore was also booked on suspicion of felony burglary.

Local news station KREM also covered the story, and it sounds like the anchor was amused at the thought of burglars choking in a cloud of bear spray in the garage.

Two suspects are in custody, and it appears to be only a matter of time before suspect number three is arrested.